Mirtos is still an authentic and friendly village on the south coast of Crete, with narrow streets and a small boulevard. It has approximately 700 inhabitants. This is where you can do your daily shopping. There are two supermarkets, two butchers and a baker who, except for Sundays and public holidays (and there are quite a few of them!), sells fresh bread every day!

Mirtos also has a couple of taverns, cafeterias and a hotel. Most of the restaurants are situated on the boulevard, where you can enjoy a great meal overlooking the sea.

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Walking with Angela

In the early and late season and in the winter period it is great for walking in the area. You can walk straight into nature from the house.
You can make good use of the guide Angela Sturmayr. She knows the area very well, in addition she knows a lot about all the plants and animals during a walk. It is definitely worth it!

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The village of Mithi, a traditional Cretan village, is a short distance from the house.
For those who like peace and hospitality, this is an ideal place to settle down on the porch of a tavern and watch village life pass slowly by.

Sarakina gorge

The entrance to the Sarakina gorge is about 2 km outside Mithi. The Cretans say it is Crete’s most beautiful gorge. It can only be climbed in the summer due to the amount of water it carries in the winter. Clambering over huge boulders between steep rock faces is a very satisfying experience!


Tertsa is a coastal village, 5 kilometers west of Mirtos, where time has truly stood still. It is inhabited by 40 extremely hospitable people, and is particularly well known for its beautiful beaches (where you can walk for miles and hardly meet a soul). Feel free to recreate here as you wish. No one will be surprised if you decide to leave your swimsuit in the beach bag. But don’t be surprised if others do the same. Not to mention the restaurant “O Lambros”, which is a special destination for many Cretans. You really must have a meal here at least once!


Ierapetra is 20 minutes away from the villa. It is the southernmost town in Europe and is a ‘fashionable’ seaside resort with great boutiques and a pretty boulevard. Ierapetra has all the important facilities, from a hospital to supermarkets, and from cash points to pizzerias. In short, you should visit this beautiful town for all the important things you want to do, and don’t forget to have a scrumptious meal on the boulevard!


Mirtos is another really cozy authentic village on the south coast of Crete.

Chrissi Island

Sarakina gorge